Percutaneous procedures heart failurePercutaneous procedures heart failure

As cardiologists and heart surgeons search for new techniques to treat heart and vascular disease in less invasive ways, many new percutaneous also called endovascular procedures are evolving that will provide non-surgical treatment options for patients in the future. Instead of the large incision required for traditional heart or vascular surgery, percutaneous approaches use special catheters and devices to treat the problem through one or more small puncture sites through the skin. Endoscopic approaches are a subset of percutaneous approaches that use one or more small puncture sites and a thin video instrument with a small camera at the tip.

Jynx trade leaf greenJynx trade leaf green

FireRed and LeafGreen are two examples of how to perfectly remake a game by adding in a bit of extra content for players. For the most part, these two games mimic the Blue and Red versions almost perfectly; the trades, battles, and gym lineups are the exact same. One glaring difference is the addition of new Pokemon and the ability to visit the Sevii Islands after beating the Elite Four.